Entas Duty Free Shop, Casino Site Customers

The duty free shop in Enta's city will be moved to Paradise City (bird's eye view) in Jungwoon-dong, Jungwon-dong, in the second half of next year.

On October 24, Entas Duty Free shop will be moved to Paradise City from the second half of next year with the approval of the deliberation of the Korea Customs Service's Patent Review Commission.

In the case of Duty Free Shops in large corporations, transfer permission is not possible, but transfer permission for small to medium sized companies is permitted only once.

The Entas Duty Free Shop is said to have been recognized in the deliberation of the Patent Examination Commission ▲ the ability to manage the patented bonded area ▲ the management ability of the operating personnel ▲ the environmental factors such as tourism infrastructure ▲ the ability of business activities for economic and social development including social return and win- .

Entas Duty Free Shop will open at 2,885㎡ in 'TIME PLAZA', a complex shopping complex in Paradise City.

The company plans to upgrade its concept, which was focused on existing public brands, as a luxury concept store consisting of luxury boutique brands focused on casino site customers.

However, there are concerns that if the duty-free shop is moved to Yeongjong-do, which is close to Incheon International Airport, tourists will be able to ignore sightseeing in the city.

Visitors to Incheon city were also encouraged to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy and the improvement of tourist convenience by preventing visitors from visiting Incheon to use Incheon as a transit point and using other duty free shops.

"We will secure a new growth engine for the Entas duty-free shop through the relocation of Paradise City to Incheon International Airport Terminal 2, which is scheduled to open in January next year." " I will do my best to make the best shopping culture space in Korea and help the Incheon tourism industry and regional economy to be activated. "